About us

NIMSA consists of researchers working in the field of nuclear medicine at the Sahlgrenska Academy (the faculty of health sciences at the University of Gothenburg) and the Nuclear Medicine Department at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Faculty members

Lars Edenbrandt MD, Professor lars.edenbrandt@gu.se
Åse Johnsson MD, Associate professor ase.johnsson@gu.se
Reza Kaboteh MLT, PhD reza.kaboteh@vgregion.se
Milan Lomsky MD, PhD milan.lomsky@vgregion.se
Eirini Polymeri MD eirini.polymeri@vgregion.se
Pablo Borrelli MD pablo.borrelli@vgregion.se
Jesus Lopez Urdaneta MD jesus.lopez.urdaneta@vgregion.se
May Sadik MLT, PhD may.sadik@vgregion.se

Research network

International collaboration

Industrial collaboration