High quality research depends on easy and structured access to data. We believe it should be easy to send, receive, store and organize medical image data for research, while keeping the spread of protected health information under strict control. For this purpose, we founded the open-source project Slicebox, a browser-based service and REST API for safe sharing and easy access to medical images.

Slicebox is a computer program, available for all platforms, that is downloaded and installed by collaborating parties. Once installed, medical images can be stored in the system either by direct drag-and-drop of files, or through connections with any number of DICOM nodes such as PACS systems and workstations. Slicebox instances can easily be connected to each other with no changes required to firewall or networking policies. Once connected, it is easy to send and receive images to and from collaborators. Images are always de-identified before sent to a collaborator. Records of de-identification are stored at the sender, making the connection of anonymous patient information to real names possible - a crucial step for research as results produced outside the hospital often must be combined with existing clinical data in journals.

Slicebox has a modern user interface with many features for browsing, searching and organizing data according to its origin and the projects they belong to.

More info

Slicebox is open for anyone to use and modify as they see fit. The project resides at with a user manual at Slicebox makes it possible for us to collaborate with hospitals in many different countries, and to send and receive hundreds of thousands of images. If you are interested in using Slicebox for your research project, do not hesitate to contact us for more in-depth information.